Single Speed Bikes For Pure Fun, Top 5 Reviews

Invented for pure fun! It stands for sportiness and dynamism. For those who do not want to limit their tours, relies on the best single speed bikes. The manufacturer generally created it on minimal design and simplicity. Despite its simplicity, the quality should not be neglected.

They are generally very robust and stable and convince the biker with comfort and safe riding. It probably added from reputable manufacturers. So you can have it with high-quality carbon frame and a great Shimano gears, which is dedicated to better quality.

Also, the important factors in this bike are the stability, safety, and the comfort while biking. In addition, you should pay attention to its weight, the lighter the bike, the better you can perform its performance, and biking itself brings more satisfaction and joy.

Top 5 Best Single Speed Road Bikes 2017 Comparison

Model NameWeightFrameGearsBrakesPriceRating

Takara Kabuto

29.5 lbs

Fixed Gear/Single Speed

Alloy side pull brakes



Pure Fix Cycles

23 lbs

Fixed Gear/Single Speed

Radius Alloy Front Brake



Giordano Rapido

25.5 lbs

Fixed Gear/Single Speed

Alloy Side Pull Brakes



Vilano Edge

TBD lbs

Fixed Gear/Single Speed

Alloy Caliper Front & Rear



Retrospec Beta

24 lbs

Fixed Gear/Single Speed

"Radius" Front and Rear Brakes



Review of the Top 5 Affordable Best Single Speed Bikes 2017

There are a lot of models that are on sale out there that can perform a great job with the best quality. However, by doing this it will help to save you the trouble of doing all the research on your own and that’s why I’ve included my personal list of the Top 5 most affordable single speed bikes along with a detailed review of each one.

This will for sure will save hours of research time and you can be assured these single speed bikes are selected through our research that based on the information and feedback by the customers who actually had bought and tested them. So without further ado, let’s have a look on these bikes.

1. Takara Kabuto – That Stand-Out

takara kabuto 700cTakara Kabuto is suitable for those who are planning for city ride; it is designed for any type of terrains in cities at very affordable price. It has the flip flop hub that provides the two modes: fixed gear mode and standard fixie mode, that rider can shift the gear any time without worrying about adjustments to temperamental.

The overall construction is very durable with the comfortable design, it consists of strong steel frame and fork with horizontal dropouts. The weight is about 30 pounds that provide the rider with great riding experience.


  • Durable constructions – steel fork & frame and alloy rims with hub
  • Kabuto has 2 modes fixed gear or standard freewheel mode
  • Brakes made of alloy linear side pull brakes (V-brakes)
  • Yellow Kenda Tires 700 x 32, tires
  • Tig welded steel frame with horizontal drop out and fork
  • Weight 29.5 pounds


  • Easy installation only takes less than 30 minutes to assembly
  • The ride is comfortable, smooth and fast with smooth
  • It is very affordable for its price


  • Poor brakes quality – recommended replacing with the new one once it does not work
  • The tires quality is not durable
  • Suit for people who are above 5.7”, since it dimension is a bit higher

Overall, Takara Kabuto stands out with solid smooth and durable features. It is constructed with strong steel frame great to overcome any type of city roads, ideal for a commuter bike.

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2. Giordano Libero – Italian Inspired Design

Giordano Libero reviewFrom our research indicated that more than 60 reviews were posted on amazon for the Giordano Libero 1.6. The majority of reviewers rated it either 4 or 5 starts out of possible five stars. Most of them have given a very good remark about the bike with a few on negatives remark.

This Italian inspired design brings an amazing style at a very affordable price, it is great for road racing or just for a daily commute to work. The handcrafted from 6061 aluminum gives the bike its lightweight characteristic and still allows it to be extremely strong and durable, that also can produce speed. The high tensile steel front forks are lead for strength and stability and also help to take up shock from the roadway.

The Features

  • Handcrafted 6061 aluminum frame
  • Italian-inspired design
  • 16 speeds Shimano drivetrain, Shimano front, and rear derailleurs
  • Lightweight Vitesse 700c alloy rims and 700c x 25 tires

From our research indicated that more than 60 reviews were posted on amazon for the Giordano Libero 1.6. The majority of reviewers rated it either 4 or 5 starts out of possible five stars. Most of them have given a very good remark about the bike with a few on negatives remark.


  • Really fast bike due to lightweight frame
  • Wheels are a perfect fit for rough roads
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable price


  • The brakes are lacking, pads fail to stop quick enough

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3. Giordano Rapido – Help You to Seek Simple Living

Giordano Rapido reviewGiordano Rapido is great for a rider that seeks for simple yet durable beginner road bike. The component is simple thus doesn’t require any professional technical skills to assemble the bike.

You can ride it at a quite high speed and enjoy an excellent experience. In addition, the tig welded steel frame and fork as long as the Kenda tires can withstand all bumps of city road. The tires are a little wider and thicker than traditional road bikes and can handle most abuse.

The Features

  • Handcrafted tig welded frame with horizontal drop
  • Single wall alloy wheels with 32 holes rims with stainless steel spokes and hubs
  • Two modes with flop/flip hub for fixed gear or standard freewheel single speed
  • Gross Weight 26.5 pounds

Based on customer reviews it was found that about 80% of them gave 4 stars or above meanwhile 9% of customers gave 3 stars. The majority of them noted that this single speed bike is well built for beginner to perform well on flat city road.


  • Easy assembly
  • Low price as for a beginner bike
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Two mode – fixed gear or single speed


  • Cheap components – seat post, pedals, brakes and handle – not expensive to replace with a better one
  • Seat a little bit hard
  • Plastic brake levers – good enough for common use, can be replaced with metal brake lever for better performance

After all, it is a great starter bike since it has great potential for customization and upgrades the components along with your way. Although there is the stock component does feel cheap but it features with nice looking rims, sturdy switchable gears, and frame.

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4. Vilano Edge Fixed Stylish Urban Fixie Bikes

Vilano Edge reviewThe stylish urban Vilano Edge bikes are on the market at a very affordable price. Featured with the urban geometry frame and the fork is tig-welded high tensile steel straight fork. The 45mm double wall deep-V anodized wheels set to couple with anodized hubs. The rear hub is the flip-flop with freewheel and cog, that provide the rider with the option of freewheel or fixed gear mode.

Features of Vilano Edge

  • Hi flange Flip Flop hub
  • Forged Alloy Crankset with 46T replaceable chain ring
  • Fork threadless 700c 1 1/8″ Fork
  • 45mm Double Walled Deep-V Anodized Rims
  • Platform Pedals Included Free
  • Handlebar – Alloy Bullhorn

The assembly is very easy since they come almost ready to ride. The bike structure is strong but it was not very light in weight, however, the bike looks pretty sharp. From our research, the majority of the customer gave good remarks on it, with average 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


  • Nice looking bike – a wide variety of colors to choose
  • Good budget fixed gear bike
  • Versatile riding with rear flip-flop hub for single speed or fixed gear


  • Poor quality brake pads – does not stop immediately, it is recommended to replace with the better quality brake pads
  • No comfortable for long rides due to urban style saddle curvature design – can be replaced with more suitable saddle

Overall this is one the best fixie bikes, with an affordable price it got all the features that any rider need for speed. It has a good quality and durable frame and available in a variety of color.

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5. Retrospec Beta Series – The Stylish and Colorful

Retrospec Beta Series reviewThe Retrospec is a great design and stylish good for a daily commuter, you can choose from 15 kinds of colors for your preferences. It rapidly becomes one of the most popular fixie bikes with a good user rating and a lot of die-hard fans. It is great for urban riding that demand on reliability, comfort, and style.

Features of Retrospec Beta Series

  • Steel Frame and Fork
  • Rim of Retrospec Alloy 41mm, Doublewall 700 x 23 tires
  • Gearing- 48/16t
  • Radius Front and Rear Brakes
  • Rear wheel Flip-flop hub for freewheel and fixie modes.
  • Shipping weight 25 pounds


  • Nice looking bike
  • High-quality parts
  • Effective radius brakes
  • Light weight great for cruising
  • Top notch overall build quality
  • Easy assembly


  • Compared to others the price is a bit higher for a fixie bike but it should worth the money since it comes with excellent specs and parts.

Overall, this is a high-quality road bike that incredibly lightweight, comfortable and great looking bike that certainly stand out in streets of the city.

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The Single Speed Road Bikes

A single speed road bike is a surprisingly common thing to see on the road and in a bike shop these days. Most people believe that bikes with 21 gears or more are virtually required these days. In fact, the opposite is true and many bike enthusiasts are buying single speed road bikes online or at their local bike shops.

Before the invention of geared bikes and mountain bikes, a single speed road bike was the only thing available. Until recently, the best place to see one was in a bike racing velodrome where track racing bicycles have a single speed and even lack brakes! An increasing number of people are bringing single speed bikes off the race track and onto city streets. Some people do this for style reasons – it’s considered a glamorous and stylish practice. Others believe that a single gear allows them to train better than a bike with many gears. Still, others are looking for a simple bike with low maintenance and as little weight as possible.

single speed road bikes

There are two main types of single speed road bikes. The first is a freewheel road bike. This means that there is a ratcheting action that allows the rear wheel to continue spinning while the pedals have come to a rest. This sounds complicated but this is the standard behavior on 99% of bikes today. It means that you will obviously have to pedal when going uphill, but will allow you to coast and keep your feet in place while soaring down a hill. The steady clicking sound you hear when coasting downhill is the ratcheting action of the free wheel at work.

Another more rare style of single speed road bike has a fixed gear. This is the most mechanically simple style of bike because the chain stretches between a single gear in front and a single sprocket gear in the back. When the pedals move, the rear wheel moves. When the rear wheel moves, the pedals move too. This means that the rider must always be pedaling while the bike is moving and cannot coast while going downhill. This style of riding is foreign to most people and requires some learning and care.

best fixed gear bikes

This direction connection between the pedals and the rear wheel means that a skilled rider can slow down the bike by resisting the turning of the pedals. Some riders will, therefore, use just a front brake or even have no brakes on their bike, and depend solely on their legs for stopping power!

So what is so cool about fixie bikes?

The single speed bikes tend to be very lightweight due to the lack of parts. Not only that the fixed gear is much more efficient mechanically. The end result is a very efficient bike that requires far less effort to ride. However, the lack of gears also means being stuck in high gear all the time. You will struggle to climb up the bridge from the standstill.

single speed bikes

Besides that, they are very easy to maintain. There aren’t many things that can go wrong and spare parts can be easily adapted from regular bikes. There are no wires to deal with, no suspension to adjust and no breaks to replace. Finally, by purchasing them you don’t just get your hands on a lightweight bike, you enter an exclusive club and for most people, it’s the feeling of belonging that matters.

Fixie Bike and The Law

There are a few things you should know, however. Before you go ahead and buy one of these beasts make sure to check your local laws. Th single speed bikes are banned from driving on public roads in many countries and states due to their lack of breaks. According to most laws, you are required one to two sets of breaks on your bike. The last thing you want is your brand new single speed bikes to be taken away from you.

Overall, it is very interesting types of bikes, something that’s made for a specific purpose, and can be fun to try out. They aren’t a replacement for traditional bicycles, and certainly, you should be careful when taking them to the roads, making sure it’s legal for you to do so. Typically, any good bike store will have them available, and some people are very adept at riding the single speed bikes.

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