Ragdoll Cat Secrets by Ben Harper – Book Review

As a recent Ragdoll Cat owner I set out on the Internet to find information about the breed. I thought there was a lot of generic cat care information but nothing specific to Ragdoll Cats. Much to my surprise, I found the eBook entitled “Ragdoll Cat Secrets” (Ben Harper, 2006) filled with breed specific care information for Ragdoll cat owners.

At first I thought it might be a paperback but the book is only available for download from Clickbank. There are several bonuses that accompany the book including a software application called Pet Medical Recorder and a companion eBook entitled “The Pampered Pet Treat Cookbook.”

“Ragdoll Cat Secrets” starts with a very interesting account of the breed’s origin. The breed was founded by a woman in California named Ann Baker that claimed her cats were brought here by Aliens. Ragdoll cats are famous for their laid-back nature and go limp when held, hence the name Ragdoll. Ann Baker claimed this characteristic stemmed from the cat’s extraterrestrial origin.

The book continues with a detailed section on selecting a breeder and a healthy Ragdoll kitten, choosing a veterinarian, along with the care, grooming, and feeding at the different stages of your Ragdoll cat’s life. The book is very easy to read, and in my opinion, definitely worth the $14.95 price to download. The only criticism I have to offer is that book is not fully-illustrated; I would have liked to see photographs of the different types and color variations of Ragdoll cats.

My Verdict: 4.5/5