Best Mountain Bike Reviews

When you are planning to start mountain biking activities, you will need to find the best mountain bikes that is within your budget.  Mountain biking activities are one of the most pleasant experiences and provide your body a vast range of exercises. This will help you to develop endurance and cycling skill and technique, and because the majority of mountain biking is done in urban areas, you can also enjoy the fresh air and scenery with exciting physical endurance and nature.

Best Mountain Bike Reviews
As a beginner in entry-level mountain biking, your selection should be based on one that will meet all your needs. Fortunately, there is some very affordable beginner level mountain bikes, that comes with good features and components throughout and there are more models are coming out every year.

Mountain bike is designed for off-road riding and therefore it has a special design, which differs from the road bike. It has high maneuverability even in the off-road areas. Mountain bike should easily pass through those areas that are beyond any hybrid or road bikes, so it is characterized by hardened, lower frame and carriage raised to increase the clearance level with bushings.

This increases its stability, which allows it easily pass the difficult stretches of road. Since the bike is not designed for high speeds, and for all-terrain, it is equipped with rear and front bumper, thick tires with raised tread pattern and a chain drive. Mountain biking, usually equipped with a large number of transmissions, which allows better choose the appropriate speed limit for a particular road segment.

mountain bike reviews

The weight of the mountain bike varies around 10-15kg, depending on the model. It relatively small due to the use of lightweight materials in its construction such as carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum alloy. Using these materials is not only minimizes the bicycle weight but also gives it strength. The best mountain bikes are usually equipped with hydraulic drive disc brakes, allowing immediate slow down until it stops.

There are different types of mountain bike to suit it riding style and environment. For example cross-country bikes designed to ride at higher speeds over rough terrain. So the important factor is low weight. The bike is the sport where the rider must quickly overcome all natural and artificial barricade. There are all very much depends on the bike setting and with the correct transmission.

The price of the mountain bikes varies depending on the type the materials and technologies used to produce them. According to this, the level of professional mountain bike can cost ten times more expensive than the entry-level mountain bike. It is advisable for you to consider in the range between $400 and $800. You will find that most of the entry level mountain bike at this range are well worth every penny spent on it and should have a reasonable resale value if you find it is not to your liking.

Finding The Best Mountain Bikes

To begin with, you need to ensure its quality, make sure that it is good enough to allow you to enjoy the activities. Although you are new to mountain biking, you should look into buying the one that affordable and will continue being relevant as you progress.

Surely you do not want to compromise too much on the components, and at the same time, you do not want to spend too much that you will regret it. Luckily, most of them are constructed to be easily upgraded on individual components in future.

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Mountain Bike ReviewsWhat you need to consider before buying?

Depending on your budget, you’re certainly going to compromise on some of the components, but it does not mean you have to buy poor quality components. There are some components that might not be at the top of range, but they are still very good. It is advisable to ask a few questions just before you make purchasing decisions.

1. How will you use it? What will be your regular areas?

Where will you ride the bike most of the time? Are you buying for a ride for exercise or casual cycling in the country?

Will you be riding on paved roads on the weekend or trails? And once you are in the category of off-road, do you plan to ride on simple flat trails or rough and severe environments?

2. What is your budget?

What is your spending allocation? The more you spend, the better you get and you need to find good quality components. The prices mainly depend on the components it uses. So, if you plan for the excellent braking system, the best transmission, or other high-end components, you still can get a lower priced bike and upgrade the components as to improve your level. However, if that’s your plan, you should make sure that the frame is good if it is not the first thing you will change. Either way, you should aim to get higher quality components that are within your budget.

3. Find a bike that fits you

Once you’ve settled on the one that meets your requirements and budget, you should ensure the bike fits you. It is essential to find a bike that fits your body. Although it may look wonderful for your friend or others, it may not fit your body geometry. Have look at the General Bike buying guide on, it outlines an excellent guideline about the bike sizes.

Even if you end up buying a bike online, it might be good to test drive your shortlisted models at the bike shop, which allows you to try real bikes. You have to look beyond the hype and select the one that reflects your needs and abilities.

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