Larry Wilson Book Review – Author of Play to Win!

Larry Willson in the founder of the Wilson Learning Corporation and the Pecos River Learning Center, companies dedicated to the improvement of individuals and corporations around the globe. He is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and leader and his books and training courses have been touted by some of the finest business minds on earth. Larry Wilson has written three best-selling books on sales and sales management, including The One Minute Sales Person. Wilson collaborated with Hersch Wilson to write Play to Win!, Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life.

From the very first page of Play to Win! where Wilson relates the story of cattle who will not cross over a painted, mock cattle guard, this book is filled with constant examples of how we all, in our daily lives, make decisions that often hold us back because of the fear of change or the fear of the unknown. Life is so often played to “not lose” rather than to “win”. These are timeless concepts that were true when the book was written in 1998 and they still hold true today.

One of Larry Wilson’s most powerful chapters discusses what he calls “The Rules of Results”:

  1. You can’t control the results you get.
  2. The results you are getting are the results you should be getting.
  3. If you want to change the results you are getting, you have to do something differently.

The several pages that cover the “Rules of Results” are alone worth the price of the book, pointing out that progress in life is never made without sacrifice, calculated risk, and a “go for it” type attitude.

Play to Win! can benefit your business, your marriage, your relationships with your friends, relatives, and children. All in all, Larry Wilson hit a home run with this book and anyone looking to improve their situation in life should invest a few dollars and pick it up online or in a local book store. Not only is it a must read, but it is a book that you should keep handy and refer to often. Applying its principles will definitely improve your life.