Bad Luck And Trouble – The New Jack Reacher Adventure – Book Review

Bad Luck and Trouble is the new Lee Child blockbuster featuring his alter ego Jack Reacher.

Word comes that some of his old unit are in trouble, serious trouble. Worse still, dead. Tossed from a helicopter high over the Mojave desert. Nasty way to die; but is someone sending out a message? Of course it is enough to put the remaining members of the old squad back together, back in harness, and on the trail of the bad guys. You wouldn’t want to be hunted by Jack Reacher, not unless you had a death wish.

After two books that for me didn’t quite live up to his usual high standard, Mister Child’s Bad Luck and Trouble is right back in the groove. I found BLT unputdownable, and raced through it. It is a real page-turner, the dialog is as crisp and realistic as ever, and the technical details always come across as spot on, not that I am any great expert on firearms. What is it the movie posters usually say? – Unmissable – or Stunning – or perhaps – Sensational. Yep, that’s about right, they’ll all do for me.

If there is a better thriller writer around today than Lee Child then I don’t know who he is, or her. I’d like to meet them. If you enjoy Lee Child’s work and his Jack Reacher adventures, then this is an absolute must. If you don’t, or haven’t yet entered into Jack’s world, my guess is you will still enjoy this, and you’ll still have the back catalogue to dip into. Lucky things. I can’t wait for the next one.

My book of the year so far to date, by a distance.

Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child. Released April 2007.