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Buying a cheap road bike in price sensitive time is not only a great to get into the sport of cycling but will also enable you to purchase a bike that would have otherwise been out of your price range. But what should you look for and how much should you spend? My essential buying tips will help you out.

My essential buying tips will help you out.

  • I recommend that you do you research first by initially considering what type of cyclist you aspire to be. For instance, if you are a racing purist then a racing bike will be ideal, if you plan on commuting or camping then look at touring bikes.
  • Next, it is important to go for the right size bike. For about $50 your local bike dealer will do a complete size assessment and give you the details to ensure that you buy the right bicycle frame and height to suit your body.
  • Check online sites like where you will be able to buy the cheap road bike often at less than half of the original price.
  • When looking at online pictures ensure that they are in focus and detail the entire bike, including the brakes, the crank, and the derailleurs. Also, beware that many bike manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the bike frame but this often only applies to the original owner and maybe non-transferrable. If it is at all possible contact the seller and arrange for a viewing to ensure that the frame is in as good condition as is being advertised.
  • Remember to leave a little room in your budget for bike essentials like a bike helmet. Also, consider when buying a used road bike that it is a good idea to take it to you local dealer where for around $100 they will be able to adjust the bike for a great fit and do a quick tune up.
  • Be prepared to compromise and focus on buying a great frame. Remember that you will be able to upgrade specific components of your bike at a later date.

By using the tips above I am confident you will be able to buy a great fitting cheap road bike at around $1000. At this price range, your bike will give you many years of valuable service.

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