Best Road Bikes – The Reviews and Guides 2017

The best road bikes are available in wide range of models or types, getting the one that suit with you is not going to be easy. Thus in this handy buyer guide, we have all of the related information to guide the reader to find the one that fit the needs and budget.

best road bikes

To discover the best road bikes, there is a lot of consideration and it can usually take a fair bit of research before you know what you should be looking for. This buying guide will cover every aspect of the road bikes. It is perfect for somebody that wants to get into cycling or wants to upgrade their current machine.

In general, the road bike is designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic and stiff which makes it easier to ride at great speeds. Most of the technology that is used complements this perfectly and you will be able to maintain a constant fast speed without using a lot of energy.

The Best Road Bikes for Beginners

When choosing the best road bikes for beginners you don’t need to spend a lot of money, in fact, there are many that are under $500. You also need to consider the importance of upgrading. Sure you only starting your journey as a road bike rider but you will find that the more you do it the more you will want to upgrade.

For example, if the bike you choose already has a great aluminum frame, you will have a good foundation for future upgrades. Whenever possible choose a bike with a Shimano gear shifting mechanism because they are the best brand and they simply attach and re-attach for future customization.

best road bikes under 500

Type of Road Bike

There are many types of frame choices ranging from steel to carbon fiber. We have found aluminum is still the best all-rounder, especially nowadays alloy technology is far superior to older designs. Choose a bike with a comfortable seat, some best entry level road bike under 500 have a Lazer seat giving great value as they can retail on their own for about $100.00.

In some cases, buying a Shimano gear set on its own can cost as much as an entire bike. It is all to do with volume, the more products a company can produce, and the best deal they can offer. Some bikes on offer on this site are amazingly cheap because of the kind of volume only possible online.

The handlebar attachment should facilitate easy movement and adjust to the handlebar. Another handy tip involves the tires, Presta valves hold the air better than Schrader valves. Don’t be too confused by all of this, further down this article we have a recommended best road bikes that include all these recommendations.

The Top 5 Best Road Bikes Under 500 Comparisons

Below is a chart of the Top 5 best road bikes under 500 for comparison, the information is derived directly from the manufacturer of each of them, though you can find more information from the commuter bike reviews on Amazon.

Model Name
Vilano Shadow
21-24 lbs
6061 Double Butted Aluminum

14 Speed
Alloy Caliper Dual lever
Vilano Aluminium
21-24 lbs
6061 Double Butted Aluminum

24 Speeds
Alloy Caliper
Schwinn Prelude
21-33 lbs
Aluminum Drop Bar

14 Speeds
Dual Pivot Road
Giordano Rapido
29.53 lbs
Lightweight Aluminum

Fixed Gear
Caliper Brakes
GMC Denali Pro
21-29 lbs
Aluminum 7005 Straight

21 Speeds
Alloy Caliper Brake

 Top 5 Best Road Bike Under $500 Reviews

Today, they become very affordable, available in various designs, colors, and sizes. If you are looking for the best road bike reviews keep on reading you will discover the features and benefits on the various model under $500.

1. Vilano Shadow The Best Beginners Road Bikes – Shimano STI Integrated Shifters

best road bikes to buyThis bike is great for a daily commuter or for recreational riding, comfortable to ride with the shifters combined into the brake lever is a really great feature.  The sturdy frame is based on double butted aluminum that makes up this bike fast, lightweight and easy to handle.

It has 14 speeds drive train and is suitable for a beginner biker. And it can be upgradable over time as you get used to using it or if you are looking for more speeds. The Shimano STI Integrated brake lever makes braking and shifting much easier since it is easily accessible.

The Vilano Shadow offers in 3 different sizes that provide as an option for the customer’s preferable. Comes in two choices of colors of either black or white and is also available in several frame sizes: small (50 cm),  medium (54 cm) or large (58 cm), the weight is a little less than 23 pounds making it as a competitor in the lightweight category.

It is the best affordable road bike that features with the Shimano parts as for its most basic functions. It is easy to assemble since all the part were perfectly built and with a small tune up at the local bike shop had it ready to go. So if you are in the market looking for the best road bikes for beginners but do not want to break the bank, look no further.

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2. Vilano Aluminum Carbon Road Bike Reviews

cheap road bikesThis is an excellent bike for its price. If you want a bike that is light, great speed and with superb quality, then you should consider this, because you will not find any others with these features for an affordable price. It can be found at your local retailer or online through Amazon.

The price ranges from $250 to $350 and is considered extremely affordable for a good quality road bike.

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3. Schwinn Men’s Prelude Review

schwinn prelude menThe Prelude is perfect for daily commute or evening ride. It features aluminum frame for quick agile riding and the fork absorbs road path imperfections. The frame is very lightweight, reliable and easy to put together right out of the box. The derailleur needed a bit of adjustment prior to the first ride.

The perfect combination of the Shimano drivetrain with shifters to make it reach top speeds effortlessly and without any jerks. Powered with the 14-speed Shimano drive train along with lightweight allow crank. The 700 x 25c road tires and quick release hubs are fitted to wide 700c alloy rims. The tires will help to sustain good traction on the road as well as to absorb shock and jerks triggered by road path imperfections due to rock, dirt or even mountain tracks.

The design is mainly based on aluminum that makes it lightweight, super strong and very durable. Nothing to concern about rusting or expensive steel frame repairs in future.

This is a bike that enjoys accolades from beginner enthusiasts or individuals who seek for a reliable, leisure bike rides or economic cycle for commuting to work. It is perfect for those who wanted to ride down the street to get some exercise or want to get more involve in cycling activities.  All in all,  it is good entry level road bike at a price that is hard to beat.

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4. Giordano Rapido Single Speed Best Road Bike Reviews

best road bike reviewsAt a little over 26 pounds, it is considered one of the lightest road bikes available. Being in the price range of $200 to $400 the Rapido never compromise on it components quality.  Giordano has put together a great road bike and with the price tag that gives a huge hit with people that purchased one. Giordano Rapido is made for people who would like to go cycling around the city.

The steel frame and drop bar design bring the Rapido both its contemporary styles and its strength and durability. This configuration is exactly recommended for dealing with city terrain or imperfections of urban roads. It does have great potential to be shaped into your preference. The lightweight steel frame helps to make it go faster for those moments that you truly need the speed. The combination of 700c alloy rims and 700c x 32 road tires are capable of absorbing much of the shock when riding on less than the favorable road surface. This kind of tire will also make you going as fast as you want on the smooth surface.

It has a durable Aluminium frame, which gives sturdiness and lightweight, features with the flip-flop hub that gives the rider an alternative if they want to ride it as fixed gear or freewheel single speed mode.  Overall, it is suitable for anyone who needs a basic and simple road bike. It is a great platform for upgrading and has been as fun to ride as it has been to build. The Giordano Rapido Single Speed is the best road bikes that are definitely worth the price and highly recommend for everyone.

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5. Best Road Bike Reviews From GMC Denali Pro (56cm frame)

denali pro road bike reviewsThe GMC Denali Pro comes with a great price without having to sacrifice its performance. It is built with the same satisfaction and attention to detail that their trucks receive. It represents the extension of all the qualities and components you have come to expect in their well-made, rugged vehicles, albeit in two-wheeled form.  Available in 56cm frame size only and recommended for rider height range around 5’9″ to 6’1″ with stand-over is 31.5″.

The Denali Pro is very responsive, easy to ride and very fast. This is really a great city commuter or touring bike with excellent design and build.  The micro-shift gear system is the major selling point about this bike. The hand shifters are the same with a high-end rapid-fire mountain bike shifter that brings about an effortless changing of gears. It has 16 speeds drive train and equipped with 700c x 25 tires and come with spokes made of stainless steel and aluminum rims.

Dual pivot alloy brakes to make sure that rider will stop on a dime while light weight 700c aluminum rims additional improve the lively feel of this great value.  It is highly recommended for your riding safety and enjoyment. All in all, the GMC Denali Pro is very good looking, making it look like an expensive bicycle. One drawback to the bike is the saddle, though. Yet, this is not really surprising since the bike comes with a generic saddle.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting The Road Bike

When reading and analyzing on the best road bike reviews you should not forget these 3 things, thus you will be able to make your purchasing decision easily;

1. Budget Allocation

To find a good quality of the best entry level road bike is likely to set you back a fair bit and it is fairly common to see them priced range between at $100 to $500. Prior finding what are available,  first of all, you should consider what your budget is. In the long run, this helps you choose because you can narrow down the one that you can afford. Although you can purchase them later, also remember that you will need some lights and a cycle helmet. You can cut down the price by looking out for good deals online.

2. Measure up and get the right size frame,

The sizing is a very important factor in determining the maximum use of your bike. The more it fits you, the more comfortable you will become. And when you are comfortable with your bike, you can run the mile without straining your body. You can still enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about anything. It’s just like choosing the right pair of shoes. It does not remain on the designs and even quality, above all it has to fit your size. And when everything’s perfect, that’s the time you will have to decide on buying that particular pair of shoes. In road bike sizing, it’s not the shoe size that’s being looked at; it’s actually your height.

There are corresponding bike frame length and inseam length for a particular height of a person. He has to determine his height in order to get the right size of bike and ensure his comfort. If you are just a starter and you want to get the right kind of bike, start with this and you can add more details as you go along. The most important thing is that the frame and the size go with the kind of body and height you have. And to give you more information, we have placed a table here to act as your guide for choosing the right bike frame and inseam length according to your height. This is as simple as the multiplication table. One glance and you will have everything that you need.

Height Inside LegFrame Size
5'1" - 5'3" 27" - 29" 48cm
5'3" - 5'5" 28" - 30" 50cm
5'5" - 5'7" 29" - 31"52cm
5'7" - 5'9" 30" - 32"54cm
5'9" - 5'11"31" - 33" 56cm
5'11" - 6'2"32" - 34"58cm
6'1" - 6'3" 33" - 35"60cm
6'3" - 6'5" 34" - 36"62cm

3. Are spare parts readily accessible?

This may not be essential as nowadays you can usually find parts online. However, if you are able to get spare parts yourself you can up keeps your bike running for a longer period. Bike maintenance is important and quite fun!

A decent bicycle not only helps you to get out and about but it also a great way to exercise and is something the entire family can enjoy. It is designed for fast and efficient riding and is one of the great ways of outdoor exercising. It helps to improve fitness, commuting to works or around town, touring, or even getting into road racing or a triathlon. Read further on this blog for more information and various best road bikes review and the buying guide.

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